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Custom drivers. Avasys. 5 HP. HPLIP; foo2zjs . Packaging Brother printer drivers covers creating PKGBUILDs from the existing . appears to be of the form cnijnet:/ followed by the MAC address of the printer.

I very sure it's not my computer because it's band new! Help Me! You have to zip everything inside the folder.

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If you just zip the folder, Minecraft doesn't recognize just one folder in there. I don't want to mess up the format but i want to post my favorite texture pack i'll post a link so you can post it for me. In the texture pack editor I see this texture called tunnel in the misc. No clue what it is! Anybody know? Why are we keeping archive sizes in the table?

It only takes more time to update information, as well as it doesn't serve any real purpose, and takes some space. I was thinking that when organizing the texture packs that we ordered them by whether or not they're up to date then by alphabetical order. This texture pack should be removed , looks suspiciously like a virus.


No Forum link, no picture, etc. I noticed in the terrain. Hey, lovely day today. I was wondering if on users can add links to Texture Packs that they found or created.


I havemade quite a few since I started playing a year ago and I was wondering if it is okay to upload them on the forum or file-hosting site? Most of them have only a few changes, but they do look nice. Many people enjoy those, and I have seen many of them on the forums. There appears to be conflicting statements in the opening paragraphs for this topic. For example:. These almost directly follow each other, going from "you need a patcher" to "after version 1. Perhaps this could do with some clarity?

I agree - I think what it is trying to say is that Minecraft can run custom textures, items, etc. That is what I interpreted from it. Perhaps you need a patcher, or your current patcher did not recognize you changed them. If your pack does, make sure you have them in the right place. Why does the texture for grass look grey? Does anyone know? Has anyone ever thought of making other templates to put on the Texture Packs article? There is already one for the terrain. I think many people might find them quite useful. I certainly found the template for the terrain.

If no one else can make them, I might be able to throw a items. I just made a minor edit, and thought I should mention that the forum link now points to the new Texture Pack Central. How do you change it? The texture for it seems to show that the colour is determined in the code. But I need to change the colour, for off state at least, from red to white. Is there a way to do this with the texture files? I think there should be a link to the default files like terrain. Is this something that is allowed by Mojang?

I want to make a Texture Pack, but i don't know what editors i could use. Is one of them Micosoft Paint? The one that comes with windows? Oh, darn it! My brother has gimp. Is there a free editor? I don't want to have to pay a lot of money on something i won't use often. EDIT: Will gimp work? My Brother uses it for textures for another game. Please, Read my Second and last sentance of my last post. I know how to use it, my brother showed me the basics.

And i'll do it pixel by pixel. I just tested my texture pack, but the whole head is black! What's going on here!?! I mean the Skin on the head is a very inky black. I Tried Changing the skin but it still won't work. It's still a inky black! I have GIMP, and i did just fixed it. Nevermind about the head prob. And I'll upload my skin to my page when i can.

EDIT: Sorry! I forgot to login again!

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EDIT: Ack! The upload page is broken! It says 'This page has been protected' And other stuff, so i can't upload it! Okay, i got it uploaded. It's on my page. After playing around with some animated textures in 13w02b today, I've noticed that the default behavior seems to be 20 updates per second every 50ms and not 10 updates per second every ms as the wiki states. I wanted to confirm with others that this is not an issue that only affects me or a bug. This pack is very cute and lovable.

Minecraft - How To Install Misa's Texture Pack For Mac (1.7.3)