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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Of the 23 seedlings, two were unusual and outstanding. After a second year of propagation, No. Although it is often said that no resistance to late blight was present in varieties of the day in nor in varieties released for more than three-fourths of a century afterward Spooner et al. Not a matter for superlatives, neither resistant nor very susceptible, it and its relatives may have been notable for a greater, albeit slight, abatement of disease than that offered by any other cultivar of the time. I have given you great fame by attaching your name to the potato and spreading it through the length and breath sic of the land.

As to the profit of selling potatoes in my business, with the cost of advertising and handling and loss by freezing and the filling out of orders comes with the opening of spring, just when we are heel over head with filling seed orders, causing us such a week behind hand I have half resolved more than once to forsake the whole potato business as unprofitable and a great nuisance.

You mistake in inferring that all this notoriety upon Burbank means money for me.

Films Media Group - Big Mac: Inside the McDonald's Empire

It rather means fame for you. The more generally it is advertised, the more completely it is taken out of my hands. I have stated the facts in the case and now enclose 25 dollars; for whatever I may write I know you will feel that some recompense is owed you. Kindly provided by Shari Kelley Worrell, J. Citation: HortScience horts 50, 2; Gregory had allowed Burbank to keep 10 tubers, which he used to start the cultivar in California.

It was a casualty to its ready vegetative propagation without legal means to recover royalties. Luther Burbank himself attributed the discovery of a russet skin mutant to Lou Sweet, a Colorado farmer, in Burbank, Newspaper articles and seed catalogs place this in the year It was officially introduced in in the L.

Mays seed catalog. Ray Croc, who undertook the expansion of McDonald's restaurants on a franchise model, started with one restaurant in San Bernardino, CA. Second, he found that fries were most appealing if they went through a two-step cooking process. The fries were half-cooked in hot oil and allowed to sit. The second step could be a short oil fry that imparted appropriate texture, taste, and unique mouth feel.

At first Ray Croc manufactured his once-cooked product, shipped in his raw potatoes, and stored on site Croc, He found a willing industrial partner, J. Simplot Company, which pre-cooked the fries and sent them frozen in easily storable boxes to the restaurants. So successful was this that the brand McDonald's became synonymous with the most delicious French fries in the business.

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A visit to McDonald's makes your day! It's food, folks and fun. Food, folks and fun.

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You know the one, McDonald's, for food, folks and fun. There's a new ankled daddy comin' down the street, a modern mama, who the two compete in a high-tech world, complete an oasis, a place where you can get back to basics. You'll like it for fun! You know the one, McDonald's, You know the one! What you want is what you get, every day in every way.

What you want is what you get at McDonald's today. At McDonald's today. You've always know just what you want, always got just what you need. Anything you looking for, and there a little more. And every years go by my friends, these sudden things you can depend onto go your way, really make your day. Have you had your break today? We all need to get away.

There's one place that's on your way, McDonald's is your break today, Have you had your break today? Oh, feast yourself the McDonald's way. Spend a little money for a smile in your tummy. Eat a nibble, you deserve breaks today. Oh Yeah! La, La! Go to McDonald's too with your ki, kid. You deserve the McDonald's way. There's a place with a smile in your face. Easy does it on your way. So much to love, so little to pay, McDonald's is your break today, Have you had your break today? Fun on the run and it's coming your way.

Save a little money, put a smile in your tummy, have you had your break today? Feed me, please me, tempt me, tease me. I'm havin' a Big Mac Attack. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, rush me down to Mickey D's. Keep your eyes on the fries don't let 'em get away. Nothin', nothin', like an Egg McMuffin, have you had your break today? There are also two full versions sung by Justin Timberlake. The first one was used in one commercial.

Ba da ba ba ba. I'm lovin' it. Is this the place to eat? Since I don't cook, I'll just rock to the beat. At the end of the day, to relieve the stress, we add a little play. Sometimes, we have mishaps. You should overcome and adapt to said facts. You know you're in my world.

I kick and I love taps from my girl.

Move your feet, rock to the beat, hungry for the music, gotta eat. No guts, no glory.

The real “Founder”

Seems like I've stumbled in the wrong territory. I'm lovin' it Who'd want to mock me? Run around the edges, a tad bit sloppy. My car's way too clean.