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Heads Up Students, the 2018 Apple Student Discount is Here

But that sale will only last for a week. Once Mental Case is sold exclusively through the App Store, academic discounts will no longer be offered.

Get up to $400 off a MacBook

However, he also indicated that Mental Case might be offered in two versions, one at the regular price, and one for students with fewer features at a discounted price. This is obviously a much better deal than the education pricing.

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Thus, educators and students should expect to pay regular prices on apps they purchase through the Mac App Store, unless they are buying multiple licenses. Whether or not Apple plans to provide developers with a mechanism to offer individual academic discounts remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely.

Obviously students and educators still have the option of buying most applications straight from the developers. However, considering how successful sales via the Mac App Store have been this week see this article on MacAppStorm , more developers might decide to sell their apps exclusively through the App Store. Right In The Feels.

New Macbook Review + Unboxing - College Student Package

New Apple Pencil pictured, sold separately. How do I shop and get the offer?

Who is eligible? The Apple Educational Pricing Offer is available to the following: University students and students accepted into university Parents buying for university students Teachers, lecturers and staff at all levels Apple offers free delivery or pick-up and day free returns to all purchases.

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Buying online may involve checks by Apple. Is there any discounts on iPhone? Unfortunately, Apple does not currently offer special pricing on iPhone. See all results.