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The way you described it, it seems easier to type French on Mac than on Windows. Any software you could recommend to type French easily on Windows? It attaches the characters you want on the key you want, so there is no other keys to type at the same time.

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To choose one, keyxpat uses a metronome you chose the period in ms and you release the E key when necessary to get the right accent. This is straightforward and unobtrusive, an it allows you to type quickly. I did it for myself first because I need to write in french on a US qwerty keyboard all the time. Not very convenient, but it works well and even make the automatic corrector switch language… Thanks Benjamin for the other tips, will probably give those a try!

There are also softwares that automatically recognize the language when you type and change the keyboard accordingly. I will let you know :. There are plenty of French websites showing how to type French accents. That and the fact that I am already busy trying to determine what the best way to help beginner French learner get started the right way would. What kind of posts in French would you be interested in? I started translating some posts in French at some point, but nobody seemed interested, so I quickly gave up.

It might be best to ask your target readers instead. Second, if you want to earn an income by helping people learn French, then the sales figures you have will tell you something. Are English-speakers buying your products? If not, then my theory is that more serious learners will buy products but only when they are in French. Which makes sense. And if you write in English you might be missing out on all the Spaniards and Germans also learning French.

Have you thought about setting up an only French blog with a French domain..? Or is part of it the fact that you enjoy writing in English?

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Thank you so much for your English-language posts. Thanks again—. I am a fairly advanced French learner, but I enjoy the posts in English as well as those in immersion French. This particular post, however, is best in English for me because it is already high in technical jargon.

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Apple's new inch MacBook Air offers the same super-slim and sturdy design as its predecessor, but packs in a more powerful processor. It's a fantastic choice for the super-wealthy traveller. In Altogether, the MacBook Air remains our ultraportable of choice. Putting in the Core i5 processor, upping the standard memory configuration to 4GB, and having a new graphics subsystem translate into a significant performance improvement over the previous Air inch.

That and adding a Thunderbolt port, bringing back the backlit keyboard, and the timely release of Mac OS X Lion will surely make it a formidable player in the ultraportable space. When you combine a sleek ultraportable design with a great display and touchpad then nearly double the performance--without sacrificing battery life--you're left with a winner. Add it all up and you have a machine that not only earns our Editors' Choice award but also a very rare five-star rating. On the outside, it looks almost entirely identical to the late MacBook Air iteration, which was released in October Intel's next-gen processors put the latest Air on performance overdrive.

It's one of the most powerful—and beautiful—ultraportables available. But what it lacks in these respects it makes up for in build quality — especially when it comes to the screen — and for giving you the option to have a machine running both Windows 7 and Mac OS X. It was too slow and an example of form over function. With the refresh, Apple has managed to keep the remarkable form, but also add some internals that make this more than just a rich person's plaything. Now, the Air is an excellent day-to-day laptop, and one that we think most people will find more than adequate for their needs.

Unless those needs are crunching the data that comes out of the CERN supercollider. If nothing else, Intel's Ultrabook specification proves that Apple had the right idea when it first launched the Air.

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There is demand for these small laptops, and it's possible to build them and make them objects of desire while remaining useful. Add to that the fact that Air's performance statistics trounce those of even some mainstream laptops, makes the option of buying this Mac unit all the more attractive. While the update has brought some marked improvement in performance, it doesn't address enough of the other issues to make it a great replacement for the MacBook Pro.

It certainly is extremely small and light but this is not a great primary computer due to the memory and storage concerns. The laptop is definitely the better option for productivity on the move, and can be used in an office because it has excellent specifications. Those who just want to browse the internet on the move would be better suited to the iPad 2. We recommend buying a Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 and using the extra money to invest in a mobile phone contract with a generous data allowance.

The tablet can be tethered to the smartphone when Wi-Fi is not available, and this will save on having to pay two separate contracts. Given the choice, V3 definitely opts for the laptop over the tablet, as it is so much more useful and is definitely worth the extra investment. The inclusion of the latest version of the operating system, OS X Lion, is the most important change, and it worked well on the Macbook Air.

This is an excellent but expensive laptop, but it is a pleasure to use and looks great. If you want your Air as a convenient portable Mac to supplement to your main machine, you might be better off with an entry-level model. This ultraportable laptop continues to get more powerful but Apple hasn't redesigned the cooling system to cope with this. Plus, the connectivity is still just as lite. Alan Lu finds out in our review. Nonetheless, it is far from a frivolous purchase.

Its styling and build are unrivalled, it has plenty enough performance for everyday computing, it'll at least half a working day on battery, and the improvements to MacOSX make it a lovely system to use.

It does lack connectivity right out of the box even eshewing the SD card slot of its 13in sibling but, thanks to its ThunderBolt port, it can actually connect to just about anything you desire with the right adapter once they become available. Many competitors are getting close but right now the Air is still flying high. It's certainly a fine laptop, with plenty of features you'll only get from Apple, like outstanding design, a highly refined multitouch trackpad, and OS X Lion. But you'll have to sacrifice several features that come standard on other inch laptops, like all-day battery life, an Ethernet port, SD card reader, and significant storage space.

When judged purely on its feature set the MacBook Air inch Thunderbolt comes up short compared with its peers. But with its light weight, striking looks, and Apple's well-deserved reputation for reliability, the MacBook Air inch Thunderbolt presents a compelling package for Apple devotees.

The tiny, slim ultraportable was the smallest laptop Apple had ever made. This year's inch MacBook Air improves on last year's model in several significant ways and is by far the fastest ultraportable you're likely to find, though some users will consider the limited flash storage space to be a hindrance. Frequent travelers and students would, but a few family members and co-workers said they would prefer a larger inch screen. The inch MacBook Air is a very good ultraportable, but some shoppers will prefer one of Apple's other options as an everyday notebook.

No grazie. All'esterno: un case unibody in alluminio. There are few Thunderbolt-enabled devices around, but expect more in The lack of USB 3. Design and execution are so professional that it's the sort of review where you start with per cent, and knock off the odd one here and there.

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The overall experience is superb, and while the smallest Apple MacBook Air comes at a cost, it is a real advance in user expectations of how much a computer should weigh and what it should do. The Macbook Air was never quite powerful enough to fill that niche. Until now. Apple has transformed its dizzy eye-candy into a serious machine. Apple's latest iteration of the inch MacBook air packs excellent performance inside a razor-thin body.

Its high price and sparse port selection means it won't appeal to everyone though. Apple's inch MacBook Air Core i7 1. You shouldn't expect any real impact on battery life in normal use but you'll see a noticeable gain in performance across the board. Sounds like an airline, but it is the newest generation of Apple's successful subnotebooks.

We tested the entry-level model featuring a Its exterior is - as always - virtually nothing new. We also appreciate the even quieter fan. The new MacBook Air has so many great features that you'll soon get over the fact that its screen isn't quite as good as the displays in certain rivals although it's still above average and that it's lacking a few connections. For all the Ultrabooks we've seen, none can quite match the Macbook Air. The and older models are just plain slow by comparison. Thanks to architectural, frequency and thermal improvements, one of the cores from a MacBook Air ends up being faster than two from a MBA.

In other words, the models end up being more than twice as fast as the models in many of our CPU bound tests. Four years after its unveiling, the Air is still one of the sexiest notebooks on the market and with the recent slight price adjustment, it seems to be competing well even on value terms. Intel is likely to put some extra pressure on the Air with second and third generation ultrabooks, many of which are shaping up to be real contenders, at least on paper.

Arguably, the Air offers a lot of advantages too. The screen is , which, for most computer use is far better than that stupid ratio, foisted upon us by HD television. Last year's model upgraded to second-generation Core processors from the two-year old Core Duo, which saw much more dramatic improvements in performance. But, unlike this time last year, there are other impressive lightweight options out there.

So be sure to check out our Best Ultrabook feature and reviews to see if the MacBook Air is the right ultra-portable notebook for you. Performance has improved as has battery life thanks to the new Ivy Bridge based dual core processor. Storage and memory remain unchanged but now external expansion is improved with USB 3.