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Have you noticed sometimes that your Mac cursor jumps around all over the place? For some of us, help is easy to find. Others, not quite so easy.

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This seems to be something that occurs due to a number of different causes. This really is an annoying problem for Mac OS X users, as it makes typing practically impossible. For many users, this will sort the problem out for you in no time. Some older Macbooks can develop erratic trackpad behaviour when the laptop casing gets slightly twisted.

This might be because of something habitual you do, such as carrying the laptop in the same position each day or resting it on your lap. A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out: So, yea, totally recommending your site to anyone I know, if they have any problems on their MBP. Thank you very much. When using my computer without the mouse the trackpad started acting cray-cray.

I rebooted, but still crazy. Found this page. Why mess with the hardware when you can fix it with the software? Your solution worked perfectly — simple, fast,, no tools, no problems.

Cursor moving and clicking by itself on Mac – Jumpy Trackpad issue

When I need help with something like this I look for this kind of approach first before I start in with a screwdriver. Thanks for posting your helpful advice. I have been so frustrated all weekend long!

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  • Tried this today and it worked!!! Finally, I an get back to work!!! Thank you very much for this simple and perfect fix. It helped me restore my workweek, sanity, and religion all at the same time. Did you still get the jumping cursor after re-enabling the touchpad?

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    Just in case nothing else works, I thought I would add my remedy! I type for a couple of hours a day—so this has been driving me nuts. I got a completely different discussion, tip thread, none of which had this tip. Same problem, different search terms— completely different results. After extensive testing, I found that covering the trackpad is the only think that allows me to type with the cursor chronically jumping to a different position.

    Cursor moving and clicking by itself on Mac - Jumpy Trackpad issue - Hawkdive

    What also worked is teflon coated heat-release sheets, for use with iron on patches. This material is very cheap, works well, but has a tendency to absorb stains. Pure teflon works as well without retaining stains and grease spots. Thank you so much for this! I was tearing my hair out trying to solve this issue.

    Well Done!

    Mouse cursor skipping (jumping) bug in Mac OS X

    You saved me a trip to the dreaded Apple Mothership of Hopelessness. Wow, thank you! Fingers crossed that it stays working. It was a three day nightmare that was getting worse by the minute.

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    I was dreading the possible news that I needed a new trackpad or worse! I ended up booking a genius bar to hear the guy saying the same thing. It worked! I tried a lot of suggestions to no avail. No more erratic cursor behavior. This seems to have worked for me…for now. My MBP developed this problem in I leaned this procedure then.

    On my computer, this procedure works sometimes and is not permanent. It must that culture of secrecy they have. It was really a useful tip, many thanks… just a question: The pointer kept jumping even when the external USB mouse was connected and the option to disable the trackpad was checked. Any other suggestion to solve this bothering problem?

    And at some point, the mouse started going everywhere without me touching it, created folders on the desktop and all that. I thought my track pad was haunted…or that my computer was tapped into. Thank goodness for this advice. I was going on for way too long.

    My Solution

    First I thought it is a malware , because of its behaviour. This worked for me ,: I probably spent half day trying to figure this out and browsing various websites for a solution. Much appreciated. Would this fix work for MBPs? Please advice. Mac Os siera, with the latest update.. Is the Os version in any way related to the trackpad issue? Ok, thanks Laur.