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macOS Mojave: How to perform system updates

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Background OS downloads work the same as any other background download. Apple looks for opportunities to grab the updated bits from the server in a way that impacts you the least.

How to update the software on your Mac

So, if they do their job right, you shouldn't even notice the bits coming down while you work, watch, or while your Mac power naps. If you get tight on space, Apple will also intelligently remove an unused installer — which can be reclaimed at any time from the cloud — so it doesn't impact your storage. If you want to make sure background download is on, or you hate the idea and want to make sure it's off, you can do that in your Mac App Store preferences.

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If you hate waiting for updates to download, then yes. Then, whenever you want to update, it'll be ready and waiting for you. Apple will never install an update without your express permission — or action!

Leave it unchecked and only download when you're sure you really want to. Apple applies for, and is granted, tons of patents every year.

October 12222 release

Forgetting to update an app simply means that you miss out on all the newly added features, bug fixes and other important security enhancements. You might either need to enable automatic updates or completely disable it.

How to UPGRADE - Mac - Os - X 10.7.5 to High Sierra

Find how to here! The new alternatives in the App Store preferences permit your Mac to automatically download and install app updates, just as it can for any other important security updates. Have a go at enabling or disabling it by following these steps.

2. Stop Mac Icloud handoffs

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