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Check your phone.

You may be prompted to unlock it with its passcode your iPhone won't accept touch ID for this verification. If a screen appears on your iPhone, choose "Trust This Computer.

The Photos app on your computer should pop open. If not, open it manually. You should see an import screen in Photos that shows the photos you have on your iPhone. If you aren't automatically placed in this screen, click on the icon for your iPhone in the menu on the left of the Photos window.

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Or go to File - Import to open the import window. Choose where you want to store your imported photos. At the top of the import window in the center, you'll find a drop-down menu that lets you add the new photos to one of your albums or create a new album for your import. If you do nothing, the transferred photos will go into your Photos app Library. Your photos will also automatically appear in the Import or Last Import album the name of this album depends on whether you have High Sierra or an earlier macOS.

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There are two buttons on the upper left of the import window. To upload only certain photos, click on each photo you want to copy onto your computer and click the "Import Selected" button. Your import is complete! Go to iTunes and click the eject icon before you disconnect your iPhone. You can also follow the steps above to import from your iPad , iPod Touch , or your camera's SD card.

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You'll also use iTunes as mediator for transferring photos to a PC. Before you upload photos onto a PC, you'll also need at least version Follow the instructions above to connect your iPhone , unlock it, and tell it to trust your computer. After you are connected, the steps you'll need to follow depend on which version of Windows you have on your PC.

Here are the steps for Windows Choose Photos from the menu that pops up.

How to Transfer Photos From Your Camera To Your Mac

This opens the Photos app on your PC. Follow the instructions to complete your photo transfer.

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer (Mac & Windows PC)

You'll have the option to choose where you want to put your imported photos. You can also select which photos to import.

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