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‎Stop Motion Studio on the Mac App Store

If you own a Mac Book X This free video animation software is now gaining quite popularity with small businesses and school students especially. There is no need to understand complex coding or designing protocols, you can just sign up and start designing as you like. It has features like caption and voiceover, special effects, and so many free assets.

You can compost or edit your existing videos by importing. It supports all versions of Mac. The basic plan comes for free, while the upgraded plans, are priced reasonably.

Key Features

You get impressive features for photo editing, flipbook printing, sound mixing and playback. But it is extremely rewarding.

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  • 8 Best Stop Motion Animation Software for Mac and Windows.

You can use all kinds of things to make a stop motion animation: Lego, paper and cardboard — but we recommend using modelling clay or plasticine to make characters just like Aardman Studios do, and coloured paper for backgrounds and settings. Get a free trial or buy a copy at www.

Theater - See What You Can Do With iStopMotion

Stop Motion Studio for Windows. Web camera best! There is stop-motion software for a smartphones and some digital cameras can be plugged directly into a computer and will work with stop-motion animation software. Use something to keep your camera or device steady whilst you record your frames. Keeping your camera steady is essential! Octopus stands work really well for webcams and smartphones.

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Some stop motion animation software lets you put the finishing touches on your film, but you may need to use editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. That way you can add music, sound effects and even dialogue.

Create amazing movies

Using a box for your stop-motion animation set can work really well. Make sure you decorate inside though. In this activity you can go even further with your frame rate experimentation. Task : Either with your character or a real life person, raise an arm out to the side, and capture one frame. Now move that arm directly up your head, pointing straight up, and capture another frame. Now, start again but this time start with an arm to the side, and move it along the arc with smaller movements — so at the side capture a frame , a quarter of the way towards being vertical capture a frame , half way to vertical capture a frame arm vertical capture a frame and so on until your arm completes the arc.

Best Stop Motion Software Free

Play back and compare. What do you notice when you made smaller movements?

DSLR Stop Motion Animation with VideoStudio Pro X6

What did you notice when you took more frames for each movement? You should hopefully see how frame rate and movement will affect your film, and the smoothness and speed of your animation. Watch : Looking for stop motion tips?


Watch: Tips for bringing things to life: Stop motion animation. Remember what you learnt about small and large movements, and what happens when you take one or three frames for each movement. So start moving your characters and objects bit by bit, capturing at least one frame for each movement.